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Thaiyalkaari Designer Blouses The Lord made me, my task assigned
In sweetest Tamil His Glory to expound
(Thirumanthiram: 81)
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Design your Saree blouse & get stitched online

Neckline plays the most important part in designing a Saree (Sari) blouse; it should perfectly go with your overall appearance for a perfect look. Design your own style here.

Right neck line? Refer to Design tips.

Right method to measure? Follow our instructions in video, images and texts.

Custom designed Saree blouse
Product Name : Saree blouse
Product Type : Design you Own Style

Dress to impress

There’s one piece of style advice that every woman should embrace - a fabulous dress makes a fabulous woman. Choose the right style that suits to your body perfectly.

Country Price
United Kingdom £  11.00
Europe €  13.00
United States US$  19.00
Canada C$  18.00
Norway kr  100.00
Country Price
Singapore S$  23.00
Malaysia RM  57.00
Australia AU$  17.00
Switzerland CHF  15.00
India Rs  500.00
Other Countries US$  19.00
Payment Method
Credit card, Debit card and Net banking
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