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Design Tips
Saree (Sari) blouse selection & design tips

Choosing a best looking blouse depends on many factors like shape of body, face, shoulders, bust, and comfort level. Whatever your shape is, there is certainly a right stylish blouse for you that will suit you perfectly.

How we look and project ourselves have a lot to do with the way others see us. No matter how expert we are at articulating our clothing and intentions, we still end-up in chaos when our clothes send a message contrary to our intent.

The ultimate rule is appropriateness. If everyone is going to a party with their casual cotton Saree wear the same. Do not show up in your stunning expensive silk Saree.

In short, wear a Saree that respond to your need for a non-stop glamour from morning till night. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as all-in-one look. One must find an effort to change and understand the different ways to achieve that particular look.

Make sure you maintain consistency. Whatever style you project should not confuse those around you with the clothing message you are sending. You can't be very haute in one day and the total opposite on the other day.

Here, we provide you some of the basic information about selecting right neck shape, sleeve, color, etc.

Neckline plays the most important part in choosing Saree (Sari) blouse; it should perfectly go with your overall appearance for that perfect look.
- High collar blouses look good on women having a thin and long neck.
- Short or thick neck women or one's having a double chin should choose V-neck blouses.
- If you have short neck and want it to appear longer, then go for V neck or U neck blouse.
- If your neck is too long, avoid deep U and V neck.
- Women having firm necks could show off by opting for the square shape blouse. The depth of the neck depends on comfort level.
- Taller woman should choose circle or square neck blouses.
- Shorter woman should choose oval or rectangle neck blouse.
Right Fit
- Your blouse should look like the top layer of your skin, too loose or too tight blouse may spoil your appearance. For a great look and good feel, you must have proper fitting.
- Women with wide round faces should choose V-neck blouses, square neck blouses.
- Boat neck blouse is appropriate for women having heart shaped face, women with long necks and smaller heads.
- Big breasted women should choose V neck.
- Women with smaller breasts should wear boat necks blouses that give fuller appearance to breasts and also impart proper shape to the body.
- Woman with small shoulder should avoid round and deep neck blouses.
- If your shoulders are wide, avoid any sort of puff sleeve.
- Taller woman should avoid long sleeve.
- Shorter woman should avoid short sleeve.
- Select an appropriate colour that suits your skin tone and occasion. Right colour dress greatly increases beauty.


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