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How do I track my order? How do I change my account information? How do I contact thaiyalkaari.com?

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Can I place a sample order for one blouse?
Do I have to pay for learning 'How to measure'
Do I have to pay for viewing the Saree blouse designs and neck designs?
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When will my blouses be delivered?
Do you provide choice of Saree blouse designs?
Yes, visit our "Designer blouse" page.
Can I choose the neck designs, sleeve length and sleeve folding?
Yes, click the "Design your own style" link and get your blouse custom designed. We provide you a choice of neck designs in our measurement page, along with you have the options to enter the sleeve length and select your preferences such bra holder, color, etc.
Do you have instructions about Saree blouse measurements?
Yes, go to our measurement page that displays the instructions in video, image and text formats. For each and every measurement, we have given clear instructions on how to measure accurately for a Saree blouse. If you are not a registered user, you may visit How to measure a Saree blouse for a demo.
Do I have to pay for these instructions?
No, absolutely free.
Do I have to pay for viewing the Saree blouse designs and neck designs?
No, absolutely free.
Are you sure that you have the exact color of my choice?
Most of the time, we are able to match at least one of your preferred six colors; otherwise you have the option to edit the order form and choose some other set of colors.
Do you provide any style tips for different body shapes, e.g. tall, short, slim, etc
Yes, visit our "Saree blouse selection & design tips" page that explains what you need to consider when choosing the blouse most suited to your body shape.
Should I send you the blouse materials?
No, just select the cloth type in our measurement form.
Should I send you a sample blouse for measurements?
No, we only accept measurements through our online measurements form.
What are the costs included in your price list?
Cloth, lining, stitching, and delivery cost are included in our price table. Prices varies depends on the delivery address. Local taxes, duty and clearance charges are payable by you if applicable. Check with your local customs authority.
Do you need my home address, Telephone number, etc for registering as user?
No, we need your name and email ID only. However, if you are going to place orders, you need to add your billing & delivery addresses and phone number.
How do I change/update my account information?
Just sign in, then click on "change my profile".
Should I give my credit card details in your order form?
No need to give your credit card details in our order form, however you need to give your Credit card details to our payment gateway provider CC Avenue. Payments can be made in Indian or foreign currency, and we accept all major credit cards, debit cards and net banking.
Can I place a sample order for one blouse?
No, minimum of five blouses per order is necessary.
When will my blouses be delivered?
We assure you that your "made to measure" blouse will get dispatched within three weeks. Time taken by courier services for delivery varies on custom regulations applicable at the receiving end.
How do I track my order?
To check your order status, just sign in, then click on "track my order" followed by View.
- New means your order hasn't been processed yet.
- Approved means your order is accepted.
- Unapproved means your order is not accepted yet due to insufficient information or unavailability of color. Please view the order messages and respond to it.
- Order processing means your order could be under tailoring or dispatching.
- Dispatched means your order has left our warehouse. You'll receive an email confirming dispatch. Please check your order messages for Courier details.
- Cancelled means your order has been cancelled by you.
- Rejected means your order has been rejected by us due to unavailability of color and courier services.
How to order
Click on "How to order" link for instructions.
What are the terms and conditions?
Click on "Terms and conditions" appears at the bottom menu.
For what reason you may reject my order?
When you submit an order, your orders are processed and approved; but subject to availability of color and your requirements. If we are unable to meet your requirements, will reject the order and refund the money within seven working days and you will find the reason in "Track my order" link.
Can I change/cancel my order?
Yes, but prior to "Approved status". Check the status by clicking "Track my order". Once your order is approved by us, we cannot cancel or refund.
Do I have access to my purchase history?
Yes, click "Track my order" link and view them.
If I forgot my password, how do I retrieve?
Click on "Forgot password" and enter your email address we will send a new password to your E-mail Address.
Privacy policy and cookies
Click the "Privacy policy link" at the bottom menu and view them
How do I contact thaiyalkaari.com?
Click on " live chat " link at the bottom of this page and chat with our customer support team or click on "contact us" for clarification about subjects other than those listed in this page.


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