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Thaiyalkaari Designer Blouses The Lord made me, my task assigned
In sweetest Tamil His Glory to expound
(Thirumanthiram: 81)
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Saree Blouse Reseller Program

Our custom made blouse reseller program is open to all individuals and companies looking to sell custom tailored Saree blouses to their customers. Resellers place order in the same way as like our regular customer, but the commission get credited to his/her account, commissions are based on the minimum value of orders as below;

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How it Works
Our tailor made blouse reseller program is fast and simple as below
- Meet your clients and show them the Saree blouse designs on our Website.
- Take their measurements, choice of color, neckline, etc and collect money from them. The price you charge your clients is obviously same as in our price list.
- You then fill out an order form on our website - fill in their measurements, their chosen fabric and style choices, etc and submit your order.
- Check the order status on our web site (if we don't have the color of your choice, we may request you to choose some other colors and edit the order).
- We will send out your order via courier service within three weeks from the date of confirmed order.
- You then handover the stitched blouse to your clients.
CommissionMinimum order/Month
5% ≥ US$300
8% ≥ US$500
10% ≥ US$800


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